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About us

Our clients sayings

Here I can recieve a service, that no in other places. I can contact them any time, and they have time for me.They understand anything I ask for. They are quick, precise, the bests in their profession.

István Szatmári

Any time I go, there is a family atmosphere, which is very rare nowadays. Family, but if it’s important, they are serious businessmen. It’s a pleasure to visit them and see the energy they invest in the company.

Ágnes Kalocsay

Over the years I have worked with several accounting offices, but all of them had something why I left them. There is almost 10 years, that my company’s bookkeeping is here, and I recommend it to everybody, who looks for a bookkeeper.

György Deutsh

There is nothing, they can not do. You can ask for anything, and they’ll do it under the market price, but on a higher level. Working with them is the best solution.

József Somogyi

I can’t find an objection in their job. They are THE BEST in capital letters. It’s impossible to find something better. Try that, but you will find them. You can’t find a better quality, than they have.

Ágot Tóth


Ecoexp team

Our company, the ECOEXP Ltd. with predecessor in title has been working for about 20 years in the area of financial and accountancy services. Our client’s companies capital value is about 5 billion forints.

Currently, our company has 10 employees, and all our colleagues have got tertiary qualifications.

Financial and tax advisors are available for you.


Why to chose us?

Why it can be important to have a reliable accounting office for you?

Without the adequate information you can not achieve your business efficiency. If we don’t see the areas that   bring us amount of money, then we don’t know which way of business or products we have to concentrate on. The ECOEXP accounting office helps your business to develope more efficient and cost effective. We inform you about the opportunities, give you up-to-date information, raise your awareness to risks and dangers.

As we know it, it’s not easy to navigate in constantly changing tax laws, but for our customers it can not be a bar.

We organise your processes, optimize your costs, as well as raise your awareness the deadlines.

You can save your time working with us, because we fix every your issue and our courier brings you the accounting documents. Two colleagues are working with our client at the same time, that’s why the quick and efficient work is guaranteed. Our goals are, that our clients are satisfied, and we can help them with the accounting and other tax issues.



Tolnai Zsolt

Zsolt Tolnai

Payroll clerk

The payroll is as much a challenge, as working with women as an only man in the team. I always ease my knolwedge, because I have to be relevant in every part of work. My work is diverse, various an exciting… that’s why I love it!

Dusnoki Hajni

Hajni Dusnoki

Senior bookkeeper

As an experienced bookkeeper I prefer the rapidity and flexibility. It is important to see my clients satisfied and add my energy to he development of our company.

Kovács Réka

Réka Kovács

Senior bookkeeper

A bookkeping isn’t an easy discipline, but for me it is not only a job, it is a profession. As an authorized representative of the companies, I have to be accurate and competent for clients safety.

Zabolai Andrea

Andrea Zabolai

Senior bookkeeper

The comprehensive bookkeeping of a company is a very complex challenge, but quite solvable  The up-to-date bookkeeping is the most important for me, because I can share the actual information with my clients. That’s why I carry an important place in our company.

Szabó Szilvia

Szilvia Szabó

Senior bookkeeper

I’m a secure background of our company with my wide professional knowledge, and up-to-date information. My work is precise, and I can reach the perfect consequence.

Hamsovszki Ildikó

Ildikó Hamsovszki


Economist, chartered accountant, tax advisor. Finds the best solution for every problem.

Holló Anikó

Hollo Anikó

Key clients manager

My main advantage is cheerfulness. In general, I understand everything, even when I understand nothing!

Hegedűs Noémi

Noémi Hegedűs


I have experience in this field  for several years and my helpfulness is the motor of the office. I do my work with all of my heart and maximality. My personal vocabulary misses the word NO!

Kántor Gabriella

Gabriella Kántor

Team Leader

Registered chartered accountant, superlative social security administrator, industrial demonstrator having 18 years of professional experience.

Kántor Dezső

Dezső Kántor


Auditor, tax advisor. Specialist of the unique accountant solutions, financial oportunities and individual company states.