Accounting / Bookkeeping

Tranquility is important for everyone. Any manager would love to see his business and exist in security.

The order in the financial affairs of the company is one of the most important conditions needed.

In this case your only chance is a help of a good accountant. In the rapidly changing legal environment and the ever-changing global economy, you need a qualified accountant

You would not like to fear that authorities fix the flaw because of accounting errors or delays? You want to sleep peacefully? You want  to save money during this time?

If you have decided to say "yes", then you are in the right place

Our team is ready to provide accounting services in a professional manner.We provide a full range of accounting services from accounting support to payroll and tax charges, as well as counseling.

What does the accounting mean? When cases  can count on us?

  • Bookkeeping, double entry
  • The annual report, tax returns, accounting recovery
  • The electronical tax return
  • Keeping records of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Accounting for cash banking operations
  • Preparation of applications separately in case of Eu tax number
  • Declaration on local taxes
  • Analytical accounting
  • Development of accounting policies and other regulations
  • Report on the amount of taxes paid
  • Annual Report, Annual Declaration , balance sheet preparation
  • Monthly reception of accounting documents

    (If necessary, can be carried out by courier or in the company headquarters)
  • Liaise with government and local authorities, administration
  • Preparation of statistical reports

If you would like all go smoothly, rely on support of  professionals in the accounting firm !

We are working quietly, while you build your business!