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Business and management guidance

A good economist observes not only the past events, but the company’s future. He can forecast and interfere for the sake of the company’s succesful future.

We have no magic ball to predict the future, but we have excellent specialists. They are available and have the proper knowledge. Our colleagues are able to make your business more succesful, because they have the highest qualification and wide experience.

We concentrate on how to find patent and good solutions which are applicable in practise. The secret of our success is that our proposals are ccmpletely adaptable in practice. We definetely show our clients real results .

We find oportunities in the businesses by searching for more information and researches. We accede your company’s developement by presentation of different economical informational programs.

What we offer during the business and management guidance?

  • Guidance and economical consulting
  • Organization of training related the book-keeping
  • Introduction, adaptation and audit of economical and information programs
  • Tax advices, tax optimisations
  • Functioning of system of informing and consultation 

When it is advised to enlist the business and management guidance service?

  • If you feel yourself overwhelmed and  not advanced despite the neverending work
  • If you feel you company working chaotic and impenetrable,your bookkeeper reacts the same way
  • If there is an unusual loss of clients and there is a big amount of complaints
  • If you are not satisfied with your emloyees’ work
  • If in your company everybody works a lot, but there are no visible results
  • If you want to have a realistic picture of your business
  • If you really want to manage your business and not do partial works


If you want to rise your business operability, to develop it or you feel problems it this area, please contact us!