Company service

The establishment of a firm is not an easy mission.

There are several tumblers, even if nowadays it seems like everybody is able to start a company.

Like before every important decision, it’s adviced to ask for a specialist’s advice.

If you are starting your business or want to start a new business, our office can help you.

We enumerate the preserved conditions, inform you about the regulations and the costs.

The tax office always keep in mind the foundation of business, that’s why it is worth to act prudently.

We propose you to contact us now, because the non-knolwedge of law isn’t an explanation for not taking a responsibility.

Of course, we are available, if you only want to modifie the company data or the activities.

Our company’s state advocate always can help you in a quick and professional way of modifying or registration.

The creation of your business is almost done by us.

From writing the deed of association to the tax registration, you can rely on us!

We work very punctually, in a short deadline, having a reliable experience in making documents.

We give you a comlex service from the analysis to the realization.


At the same time we don't forget about your wishes

  • Establishment of firm
  • Company modification
  • Deed of association
  • Interchange, business form change
  • Tax registration procedure


Firm establishment


Nowadays a lot of people start a new business, there are  a lot of companies  establishmed.

For satisfying the needs an uncountable amount of offices opened for serving these needs.

But a large-scale of company establishment has dangers. Who thinks seriously about making a company and pose on this his family’s egsistence meets these dangers.

Our service is for them.

During a company establishment we give you helpful advice, the information needed, elastic procedure, which will help you to avoid the hidden traps, destroying your business and terifying your financial security and legitimate function.

How to start a business:

  1. Recording data: In this phase you have to give the data of the future business. The required data is: company name, company form, headquarters, e-mail adress, members’ names, consideration, the ammount of registered capital, names of leader office-holders’ names, scope of activities and taxes

  2. Giving company data
  • Praparing the company documents
  • Paying the fees
  • Deposing of company documents
  • Company registration

If you want to establish your company quickly having useful instructions, then we are waiting for you in our office in Budapest!


Modification of business


In every company’s life comes the moment, when some data have to be modified. Sometimes it is the owner’s coise.Sometimes  some law modifications make the modifications needed.

We are available in case of members changing, change of the representative, headquarters or parks, names, or scope of activities or capital increase!

These procedures demand concentration and accuracy.

We take into account wishes of our clients in every case.

Modification of deed of association is right away needed in cases below:

  • Changing of scope of activities
  • Grant a part of business
  • Leader Chairman’s changing
  • Changing of a full partner or a silent partner
  • Changing of headquarters, park or branch site

The tranformation, or company form changing is also a needed element  a company’s life.

At times a transformation can be needed, it can be an integration or a disjunction.

All these cfses need a special help.

Choose us if you don’t want to be surprised!

Our satisfied clients’ circle is growing, You can trust us.

They created a tax registration procedure against disbelieving companies, which avoid the payment of the taxes.

The main rule for the procedure eight days are disposable, but our company can reduce the time to one day!

If accuracy, quick and efficient operation are important to your company, do not hesitate to contact us!