Consulting on the taxation

It is hard to find the correct way in a labyrinth of taxes.

The small print, often changing tax laws spoil most of businessmen’s life.

We will help you to avoid the hidden traps,thus prevent you of making mistake!

Our qualified personnel always possesses the actual information and information on the expected changes concerning laws on the taxation.

Our experience and the professional relation to business guarantees that the changing legal environment, and also little-known laws won't be a problem for our clients.

During the consultation on the taxation within the tax law we develop for our clients such a construction by means of which they can do the duty on payment of taxes under optimum tax conditions.

What does our consultation on the taxation give you?

  • Free consultation on the taxation before the foundation of a firm
  • Planning of taxes, international planning of taxes
  • Participation in tax audits
  • Approval of authorities
  • The subsequent control of the closed annual accounting reports. Self-checking
  • Control of accounting and tax accounting, audits
  • Registration of tax declarations of the enterprises and their employees
  • Registration of the individual tax declaration
  • Receiving receipts after payment of taxes
  • Registration and their control of foreign tax declarations
  • Individual assignment to the expert in taxes
  • Participation in claiming of the VAT from abroad
  • Issue of documents
  • Tracking of changes in the legislation
  • Continuous consultation

To the person who already personally faced concept of a tax as "obligatory, but bad", it is obvious that it represents not only difficult process, but it can  also be a very expensive procedure.

The enterprises functioning well and systematically extremely need consultation on the taxation.

If planning of taxes and tax burdens are under control, the size can be determined with a big accuracy.

If we have these valid data it is possible to make the correct business plan.

Our consultation on the taxation helps to warn you against the fact that because of a small mistake or a carelessness a severe penalty can be imposed on your enterprise.

Mandatory reporting is continuously expanding, becomes more rigid, the tax burden increases.

In this situation all are interested in the thought-over and conscious work. Be not mistaken, make the good and wise decision!

Choose the skilled and qualified consultant for taxes!

We are waiting for you at our office in Budapest after preliminary making an appointment!