Payroll calculation

The administration referring creation and termination of the labor relations calculation, optimization of subsidies and salaries, as well as various extra charges, demands the high qualification of the expert.

Our colleagues have the professional knowledge necessary for preparation of exact payroll calculation.

The system of assignments, like the tax legislation, changes quickly.

Professionals in this area are obliged to trace this package more than ten times a year, to consider the amendments to the legislation concerning human resource management.

The mistakes made on the course of payroll calculation can spoil life of the employer and of the worker.

It is very important for both that human resource management take place systematically and smoothly

Why our payroll is professional? What do we offer?

  • Announcement to the authorities about reception and exit of employees
  • Consulting related the employment  and wages
  • Elaboration of „cafeteria” system
  • Recording data of the employees
  • Making Pay-off and certificate for leaving employees
  • Payroll of wage of standard and changing workforced workers
  • Payroll of wage supplement and fringe benefits
  • Payroll of employment with special order contracts
  •  Full processing of the deducted sums
  • Making of wage-sheets and signatory lists.
  • Preparing the monthly supplying of data and avowals
  • Avowals and countings of rehabilitations and vocational trainings
  • The employer’s vochers output
  • Preparing the list of monthly tranfered taxes and andjuncts
  • Preparing of personal income tax avowal
  • Analysis of care needs, payroll, and data recording to the system
  • Preparing of labour statistics (monthly, trimestrial and annual)
  • Preparing a general ledger output related  the services
  •  Elaboration of salary structures (time-wages, achievement wages, monthly wages)


If you want your company to have a payroll calculation going smoothly, choose a highly skilled, experienced payroll clerk !

We are waiting for you in or office in Budapest!