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What will you get?

Our clients sayings

Here I can recieve a service, that no in other places. I can contact them any time, and they have time for me.They understand anything I ask for. They are quick, precise, the bests in their profession.

István Szatmári

Any time I go, there is a family atmosphere, which is very rare nowadays. Family, but if it’s important, they are serious businessmen. It’s a pleasure to visit them and see the energy they invest in the company.

Ágnes Kalocsay

Over the years I have worked with several accounting offices, but all of them had something why I left them. There is almost 10 years, that my company’s bookkeeping is here, and I recommend it to everybody, who looks for a bookkeeper.

György Deutsh

There is nothing, they can not do. You can ask for anything, and they’ll do it under the market price, but on a higher level. Working with them is the best solution.

József Somogyi

I can’t find an objection in their job. They are THE BEST in capital letters. It’s impossible to find something better. Try that, but you will find them. You can’t find a better quality, than they have.

Ágot Tóth



Beginner’s super package: bookkeeping only for 25.000 Ft per month.

This basic package contains the payroll of  one  person, the bookkeeping of invoices, one hour consultation (extra hours can be also ordered). Besides this we prepare a monthly report about the company’s main indexes and represent the company towards the authorities.

Ordinary bookkeeping package

We offer the Ordinary package for companies having 2-3 people, which purpose is a more efficient operation and  reduction of fees. The package contains three hours of consultation per month (certainly it’s possible to raise the amount  of hours), and contains three monthly reports. We assure also a 20% discount from the advisor’s price for our clients.

Bookkeeping Extra Package

Extra Package: we offer the payroll of ten people, one day of consultation per month and preparing weekly reports. We serve several discounts for our clients: we give you a 30% discount from the advisor’s price and 20% from the partner’s price. Our extra package helps with special know-how, to raise the sales and the savings.

If needed, we go to your company, thus you can save your time.

Individual Package

Not the size assigns which package you need, the begginer’s Super package or something else, not the bookkeping, tax adising, law, sales or saving focused consultation, but the soffisticated operation.

A warehouse or a company importing dairy-products with a 3 % margin, which needs several permissions, using factoring in his operation, or works in some specific complicated ways, also needs advice.

For allof these we can offer EXTRA HOURS, because it is impossible to predict the amount of time needed in advance.

Why to pay more, if no need? That’s why it is worth reducing the planning of constructions needed.

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BEGINNER SUPER PACKAGE means, that anybody having a minimal investment can experience a professional bookkeeping. It’s unlike the other simple bookkeeping service.

25.000 Ft/month

  • 50 items
  • Payroll of one person
  • one report per month
  • one hour consultation


Worth to change for the Medium Package later, which can answer the questions on ordinary operation.

39.000 Ft/month

  • 150 items
  • Payroll of three people
  • three reports per month
  • three hour’s consultation per month
  • -20% discount from the taxe advice price
  • -10% discount from the partner’s price


The Estra Package is evolved for companies with purpose of a big growth. It contains eveything what we can offer, aside a serious discount.

89.000 Ft/month

  • 500 items
  • Рayroll of ten people
  • Individual weekly reports
  • five hours consultasions per month
  • -30% discount from the advisor’s price
  • - 20% of the partner's price
  • Special consulting
  • Presence at your offices